Download the program from htp:// Install the program.

Once the program is installed, reboot the computer. When it comes back up, go to the printers (through the control panel, or My Computer or however). Double click on Add Printer.


The following will appear.

Select 'Local printer' and click 'Next>'

Next, select the driver for the printer (use Have Disk... if necessary).

Select LPT1: as the port (we will change this later, so don't worry).

Enter the Printer name and select whether you want it to be the default printer or not.

Do not print a test page (remember we selected LPT1: for the port). We can do this later.

This wizard will close and the new printer will show up in the printer list. Right click on the printer and select 'Properties'.

Click the 'Details' tab. Here's where we are going to change the port. Click 'Add Port...'.

The Add Port window will appear. Click the 'Other' radio button and select 'ACITS LPR Remote Printing' and click OK.

The 'Add ACITS LPR Remote Printer' window will appear.

Enter the IP address of your printer in the 'Host name or IP address:' field. In the 'Printer/Queue name:' dropdown select 'AUTO'. You can adjust the Timeout if needed (probably not). Uncheck the 'Send banner page control flag' check box. Click OK.


A window with specific instructions on what to do to make it all work will pop up. Click OK. Continue on to see what needs to be done.

You will be brought back to the 'Printer Properties' window. Click on the 'Spool Settings...' button on the bottom.

The following window will appear.

Click the 'Start printing after last page is spooled' radio button. Select 'RAW' from the 'Spool data format:' dropdown. Click 'Disable bi-directional support for this printer'.

Click OK to close the 'Spool Settings' window. If you would like to print a test page, now is a good time to do it. In the 'Printer Properties' window, click the 'General' tab and click the 'Print Test Page' button at the bottom. If you do not get a test page, or the printer prints garbage, verify all the settings (in the 'Details' tab, you can click the 'Port Settings...' button to change the IP address and stuff and check the 'Spool Settings...' also) and be sure you are using the correct printer driver.

Click OK to close the 'Printer Properties' window. We are now finished. Happy IP printing.